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Nakshatra Nights

Tat Tvam Asi

Graphic Design. Colours. Bollywood & Films in General. Environmentalist. Animal Lover. Cats. Avid Reader. New Mother. Rain Showers, Stars & Dreams.
100x100, aamir khan, abhishek bachchan, aishwarya rai, aishwaryia bachan, akshay kumar, amitabh bachchan, animals, animation, arjun rampal, art, art deco, asia, astrology, astronomy, bangles, banners, bases, beauty, beauty and the beast, blends, bolly, bollywood, books, brushes, canada, candles, cartoons, cats, cheesecake, chocolate, chocolates, coconuts, colbert report, colors, comedy, computers, conscience, conspiracies, cosmology, creativity, darkwing duck, daydreams, desperate housewives, digital art, disney, downloads, dreams, ducktales, english, fairy tales, fan art, fanart, fantasy, feminism, fonts, futurama, future, garfield and friends, goodies, graphic design, graphics, hamsters, heroes, hindi, hindi movies, hindu, hinduism, historical fiction, hollywood, hrithik roshan, ice cream, icons, imagination, india, indian culture, indian food, indian subcontinent, indian weddings, intelligence, internet, isaac asimov, jane austen, jane eyre, john abraham, kajol, large textures, literature, love, mangoes, movies, mp3s, multiculturalism, mystery, mythology, national geographic, nature, peace, period movies, peta, pets, philosophy, photography, photoshop, pirates of the caribbean, pixar, pride & prejudice, procrastination, psds, psychohistory, psychology, rain, reading, resources, robots, romance, saif ali khan, salman khan, sanjay dutt, sci-fi, science fiction, science fiction and fantasy, scifi, screencaps, shah rukh khan, shahrukh khan, signatures, sleep, sleeping, social causes, soulmates, space, space travel, speculative fiction, stephen colbert, taj mahal, talespin, tea, textures, the daily show, the simpsons, time travelling, trivia, tv, vegan, vegetarian, vegetarian cooking, wallpapers, web surfing, websites